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Loophole In Tax Code Means Big Tax Breaks For SUV Buyers.

Let me get this straight. I drive a used '99 Sentra that gets 37+ mpg and all I get is a hundred or so off my tags, but a Range Rover, one of the biggest gas guzzlers out there, getting 14mpg, is entitled to a $21,000 "light truck" credit intended to be an incentive to small business owners using their personal vehicles in farm or construction work. How many small business owners are buying $72,000 vehicles, then using them to haul lumber or cow manure?

Mr. Gunn : 6:00 PM : Tuesday, January 07, 2003 :

What Science Fiction story am I reminded of? Karl Hansen's WAR GAMES (Playboy Paperbacks; 1981) sounds similar, that's not it. It was a short story in which the army had stay awake ampules which gave them faster reflexes and better sight, but this guy using them goes crazy.

Do you remember Commodore or Atari or NES? Then you'll know why I've been listening to this all day.

Mr. Gunn : 2:07 PM : :

The new CDs: Neither compact nor disks. Discuss.

"To the new generation of music artists and engineers, "CD-quality sound" is an ironic joke. It's like filming a movie in IMAX and then broadcasting it only to black-and-white TV sets."

Why would you want a 6 inch fragile disc that was incompatible by design when you could have a 1 inch 4 GB industry standard portable drive. Isn't that what being digital is all about? Devices that are smaller, faster, cheaper, and media that is infinitely transferable without loss? The rich old geezers who run things in the recording industry are being dragged into the digital age kicking and screaming.

Mr. Gunn : 9:42 PM : Monday, January 06, 2003 :

Comments provided by Enetation.
They even work, most of the time.

Mr. Gunn : 3:03 PM : :

I promise to never write one of the following two things: excuses for not posting frequently enough or overextended, overwrought metaphors so old and tired they not only fell off the turnip truck last decade, but have been lying in the dirt of the dusty road, getting run over by passing farm equipment and tractors, ever since. You figure out which.

Maybe this explains some nerds appalling lack of personal hygeine. No sense of smell.

Mr. Gunn : 10:38 AM : :

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