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Struggling writer gets job photojournalism job with Playboy during their search for the Playmate of the Millenium, and feels "embarrassed to be a man".

Look, Mr Ueland. You act like you don't care about being on a bus with playboy models when you're on the bus. That's how you distinguish yourself among the crowd.
"I want you to open your green booklet to page 23, Chapter 5. How to Fake Like You Are Nice and Caring".
However, you look like a fool trying to convince people, through a newspaper interview, that you really didn't like being there, and having to take pictures of all those beautiful naked women made you feel uncomfortable.

Especially when the manager tells you you need to stop inviting the models to strip for a little extra credit after their non-nude photo shoots.

Mr. Gunn : 12:14 PM : Sunday, January 19, 2003 :

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