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Nobody will probably notice this but me, so I'll point it out because it's so cool. My top-of-the-page ads(which you can remove by clicking here) no longer come from ad.doubleclick.net, which I have blocked at the level of the HOSTS file, but from pagead.googlesyndication.com. This is the cool part: no longer are they for bonzi buddy and the x10 spycam. They have apparently used the same algorithm to target ads to my page as they do for their search pages. Now my ads are for DNA sequencing and genotyping! I think that's awesome.

Mr. Gunn : 9:49 AM : Tuesday, February 25, 2003 :

There is a nice analysis of the HIV vaccine results at Lagniappe. This story has been all over the news, even making the local television news. Apparently, it's supposed to be some big deal that the vaccince caused a greater immune response in hispanic and african americans than in asians or "others". Who can practice medicine, now in the post genomic era, and not take as old news the fact that different genes may mean different medical treatment? I would certainly hope my doctor places patient care over being politically correct, wouldn't you?

I am so ready for this to become a non-issue, but, as derek mentions, it is going to come up more and more often now, like a repressed memory whose only release is through catharsis. Only then we can start talking about what we're going to do about it.

Mr. Gunn : 10:45 PM : Monday, February 24, 2003 :

Razib has invited me to take my seat at his roundtable, and I am honored to do so. Upon logging in to write my first post, I noticed that 4 out of the 5 most recent pings were from "Gene Expression contributors are racists" discussions. Of course, that's just par for the course when you're discussing such emotionally charged issues as genetic(i.e. racial) influences on intelligence and cross-cultural concepts of beauty.

Mr. Gunn : 10:28 PM : :

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