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Power-grabbing. It's happened before, with the USA PATRIOT Act, and now we're seeing PATRIOT II. As Dr. Reynolds mentions, arresting terrorists and bombing their training camps is what we need to do to fight terrorism. This legislation seems more like a power grab to me too, and isn't it a little disrespectful? Don't they have other things more important to think about? After 9/11, the rush to pass the first patriot act felt to me like paramedics checking the ashtray for loose change before helping a person out of a wrecked car. Now the cover of war is again used to pass patriot II. I have a strong feeling of uneasiness about where Ashcroft et al. are taking us. I have never liked a single thing he has done since becoming Attorney General, and even more disturbing is how there is a consistent theme of security before liberty. Here he deconstructs Benjamin Franklin's famous words.

Matt Welch, at Alternet, has a summary of the recently proposed DSEA.

UPDATE: Librarians' Opposition to Patriot Act Becoming More Vocal
Every public computer inside this city's library has a new warning taped to its screen. Beware, the message says, anything you read is now subject to secret scrutiny by federal agents.

"We felt strongly that this had to be done," said librarian Linda Wilson. "The government has never had this kind of power before. It feels like Big Brother."

Across the country, in a movement that belies their staid image, librarians are rising up in anger and rallying against a law the Justice Department calls one of its most important new tools to help catch terrorists before they strike.

....Earlier this year, the American Library Association, which has 64,000 members, formally denounced the Patriot Act provision and passed a resolution urging Congress to repeal it. Since then, about two dozen state library groups -- from California to Georgia -- have taken the same stand. And that is only the beginning of the backlash.
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Mr. Gunn : 2:36 PM : Wednesday, April 02, 2003 :

Murtaugh has a nice post on the fusion versus differentiation stem cell debate.

Mr. Gunn : 8:56 PM : Monday, March 31, 2003 :

Pay no attention to the man behind the mural. Thanks Michael!

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