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I am proud to announce I am now the number 4 google link for pictures of elderly smoking weed. Yes, and number 6 for nasal mucus pictures. I'm sure having made this observation, I'm probably even higher. I wouldn't have ever known this, had the query not shown up in my referral logs. What are the strangest entries you have found in your referral logs?

Mr. Gunn : 6:51 PM : Saturday, May 10, 2003 :

TJ Rogers has a hilarious run-down of the various species you may find inhabiting the streets of the French Quarter, as seen from the other side of the coffee counter.

Since Blogspot archives go down regularly, try going to TJ Rogers, and look for the 4/10/03 entry. It's really quite funny and an insight for those of you who may be considering a trip to the Big Easy, especially to help you figure out what not to do.

Mr. Gunn : 5:23 PM : :

This is just too good to pass up. A choice quote: "Mr. Ashcroft's conversion into a centraliser...is short sighted because, as an evangelical who refrains from smoking, drinking, dancing and looking at nude statues, Mr. Ashcroft represents a minority in his own party, let alone the country." Now I know why I've always loved the Economist. The Register is quite good too, applying the same wit and insight to technology issues.

Mr. Gunn : 1:24 PM : Friday, May 09, 2003 :

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