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For the past several months this blog has consisted of nothing but thoughtful and serious comments about serious things such as politics and science and policy. If you truly grasp the Carrollian beauty of EnLumine, this will entirely make up for it.

Mr. Gunn : 5:38 PM : Monday, May 12, 2003 :

Ashcroft Sings

He also gets anointed with oil when elected to a new office, doesn't think people should look at naughty statues, and thinks cats are a sign of the devil. Is there anything I missed that needs adding to the list?

Mr. Gunn : 1:58 PM : :

Derek Lowe is dipping into the debate on online science commentary at his site at Corante, In The Pipeline. From the perspective of a graduate student, it's a fantastic idea. Instead of waiting for the few scientific meeting and conventions a year to interact with peers and senior researchers in our field, we could potentially receive and respond to comments daily. John Vu is criticizing Eagleman & Holcombe for failing to make any mention of blogging whatsoever, despite the obvious examples, such as Hubmed. I've written before about the neat feature of RSS feeds of literature queries.

Mr. Gunn : 12:43 AM : Sunday, May 11, 2003 :

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