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"We have no assay for a soul." Nicely put, but Irving Weissman's still wrong about adult stem cells.

Mr. Gunn : 6:25 PM : Saturday, July 19, 2003 :

Brian Flemming said," The World is Copyrighted. Do Not Make Art of It."

He's referring to his feelings after seeing a sadly funny training film for commercial photographers on what not to film or take pictures of. Link via LessigBlog.

I understand that artists need to eat too. I am a willing and paying consumer of media and the arts. Make content available in the manner in which I want to receive it and I am too happy to have the opportunity to get it. Just accept that if it moves or inspires other people, they are going to want to make more art from that inspiration, not just hang it on their wall. This exposes your work to more people, and you'll very likely have more people that become consumers of your work.

Maybe it's all the fault of our educational system, separating the Arts and Sciences. Artists wouldn't know an exponential growth curve if they sat on a really pointy one. The intellectual bar to become an artist has become so low that we have a whole bunch of really dumb people who are being taken advantage of by publishers and recording companies. This is what has allowed the RIAA to become so powerful. Get a whole bunch of dumb people to sign their lives over to you for a relatively paltry sum, then market their tripe to a equally dumb TV narcotized audience. I guess I can't blame even some of the smart artists for realizing that the way to a quick buck lies in the fact that there will always be more sheep than shepherds, but I can't help thinking that the situation would be different if we had started requiring even art majors to take and pass organic chemistry and molecular biology many years ago.

Mr. Gunn : 4:58 PM : :

If this lobby was really supporting KaZaa, we wouldn't even be discussing this problem. The music/tv industry doesn't give 1/3 the money retiree political groups do to capitol hill.

Mr. Gunn : 10:15 PM : Friday, July 18, 2003 :

Much props to Micah Alpern who has created a way to search the blogs that you read.

As he says:
  • Sometimes I want to know what the world thinks (google)
  • Sometimes I want to know what those I respect think (blogs I read)
  • Sometimes I want to know what I think (my weblog)
  • I couldn't help noticing that Google's "terms of use" specifically forbid using the Google API for services that directly compete with Google. Does this mean it's off-limits for MT users?

    My implementation is underneath my blogroll. Check it out!

    via NSOP

    Mr. Gunn : 9:42 PM : :

    As a (vain) young man, I try to identify the environmental factors that result in people growing older faster than others, in order to prevent that occurring to me. Particularly, I don't ever want to become one of those guys who has to grunt and strain just to take a good piss. Thanks to this article in New Scientist, my worries are now relieved.

    Mr. Gunn : 6:47 PM : Thursday, July 17, 2003 :

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