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The Office of Global Internet Freedom. Peter at Open Access says, "Does John Ashcroft know about this?"

Mr. Gunn : 7:21 PM : Wednesday, July 30, 2003 :

Just when I was talking about it. Scientists in the kitchen(Free reg. req.)

Mr. Gunn : 10:32 PM : Tuesday, July 29, 2003 :

From Wired:

Mit and Boston College are among several universities who are saying no to rolling over for the RIAA. One cites a jurisdictional issue, another cites insufficient information to determine just exactly who was using the computer. In other words, not only are some schools keeping their traditional places as strongholds of free expression, but they're also saying, "Not my job" when an investigation would be necessary to determine who had access to the allegedly infringing computer. From what I've seen at the universities I've attended, unless you keep your computer in your room under lock and key, "insufficient information" about the identity and number of users is pretty much the case.

Mr. Gunn : 9:57 PM : :

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