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Pharyngula has a nice table from Harris Interactive on The Religious and Other Beliefs of Americans. I would love to see this broken down by field of postgraduate education. I suspect it's all those theater and art graduate students that are tarring us with the 36% belief in ghosts.

Mr. Gunn : 12:58 PM : Saturday, August 16, 2003 :

This is to chronicle the first mentionI've seen of blogs on prime time TV. It was actually a re-run from 04/02/03. Shows how much TV I watch. During the show, Judging Amy, the little polish girl, who so looks like a blogger, interviewed a co-worker for her blog. She always reminds me of Asparagirl, and I was thinking of that even as the scene unfolded. Millions of jewish girls in New York, and I think of her. Heh!

I could easily have missed something since I don't watch that much TV, so if anyone knows of an earlier occurrence, leave me a comment. I thought it was kinda cute, even though they were sorta making fun of things.

A consulting producer for the show writes occasionally at disordered affections, but there's no mention of the episode.

Mr. Gunn : 10:49 PM : Tuesday, August 12, 2003 :

Whiskey Bar has an excellent deconstruction of John Ashcroft's Vital Interdiction of Criminal Terrorist Organizations Act. It's so obvious. Have Ashcroft's handlers never read Orwell?

Mr. Gunn : 10:29 PM : :

MIT, as you know, told the RIAA that it was going to have to play by the rules in the current round of pissing off would be consumers. Boston College won the ruling as well, and now Pacific Bell/SBC communications has brought up the point that it's not the job of the ISP to be policemen.

Is the phone company responsible for ensuring that I don't call a friend and play him a song over the phone?

Mr. Gunn : 10:14 PM : :

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