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ScienceDaily News Release: Processing With Flavonoids Can Mean Tastier, Heart Healthy Food
Understanding how phytonutrients (i.e. epicatechin) behave as reactants and alter the thermally catalyzed reactions responsible for the aroma development would assist the food industry in producing flavorful phytonutrient enhanced value added products. Epicatechin, in general, negatively influenced the generation of aroma compounds produced by Maillard-type and lipid oxidation reactions (i.e. aldehydes, pyrazines, furanones, thiazoles, etc).
Apparently it inhibits pyrolysis reactions during heating of food that result in generation of flavors, both good and bad. Maillard "browning" reactions are the reactions that occur to create the brown color and roasted flavor of roasted foods and the toasty flavor of baked goods. The reaction is inhibited by water, which is why foods don't brown until the later stages of cooking, and they don't occur during steaming, even though temperatures are high enough. Perhaps this sort of processing would reduce the amount of acrylamide formed in the cooking process?

Mr. Gunn : 6:43 PM : Wednesday, September 10, 2003 :

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