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Restaurants On the Fringe, And Thriving

For those who can't read the article, it's about underground dining. Some chefs retire, but then get back into cooking for people unofficially. Others can't get the large loans necessary to open and staff a new restaurant, but have a thriving home based business. The article, of course, didn't mention this, but I can see a scenario in New Orleans where perhaps a health inspector is corrupt and extorts money from restauranteurs under threat of closure of their business, so a small operation which can't or won't pay up simply goes underground, working out of their house or ever-changing rented facilities. It's only a small step from a dinner club, with invitation only coming by introduction from a current member. I would be interested if anyone knew of something like this in New Orleans, for personal culinary curiosity only, of course ;-)

Mr. Gunn : 9:35 PM : Tuesday, October 21, 2003 :

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